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Location:Seattle, Washington, United States of America
Website:@krinndnz on twitter
Identity is a process, not a set of characteristics.

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akrasia, alan moore, aleatoric methods, anarchism, apl/j, apophenia, apple, atheism, athens, bad techno, batman, california, catholicism, chemistry, class warfare, cognition, cognitive dissonance, communication theory, conspiracy theories, crackshipping, creativity, cuisine, deleuze and guattari, democrats, derrida, design, disobedience, documentary hypothesis, economics, egalitarian meritocracy, elisp, enlightenment, exalted, failure, family, fascism, feminism, fifth element, foucault, fourth generation warfare, free speech, furry, game design, gender, genes-for-memes, giga-, google, graphic design, hebrew, high fructose corn syrup, hip-hop, history, hork and dorno, hypnosis, i have a lot of headcanon, i have a lot of ships okay, jeeves & wooster, journalism, kink, libraries, lisp, mad science, madness, magic, marshall mcluhan, martin van creveld, memetics, metacognition, metatext, mu, network theory, niv-mizzet, niv-mizzet ♦ ashiok, noam chomsky, nonviolent revolution, party hard, patriarchy-blaming, pfaf, plate tectonics, politics, postfurry, power gradients, propoganda, psytrance, python, race, raver music, rebellion, religion in america, rhizome, role playing, san francisco, sandwiches, science, science fiction, science!, seattle, shipping, shipping liliana/chandra, shipping liliana/chandra/girl!jace, shipping niv-mizzet ♠ bolas, subvert the dominant paradigm, swift, tapestries, techno, terrorism, the big picture, the chemical brothers, theology, tigers, time travel, trance, transformation, transhumanism, trebekistan, urban theory, violent revolution, vriska serket ♥/♠ vraska the unseen, war, warren ellis, writing
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